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Think, Don't Squeeze

Design Thinking to End Violence in America

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Design thinking

to End violence in america

Will we ever learn the lessons of violence throughout history? 98 year-old Ben Ferencz is the last surviving prosecutor from the Nuremberg trials and advocates for the #ThinkDontSqueeze approach to end violence. Listen to more here: http://bbc.in/2nAyfkH

To end the spiral of trauma in our communities we must change the way we develop solutions to stop and prevent violence.

We have chosen to develop solutions to end violence using the principles of Design Thinking.

We will empathize and step inside the minds of those who would resort to a violent act as well as those who have been a victim of violence. 

We will understand as fully as possible the consistent patterns of violence which impact our society.

We will define and recognize violence in it's simplest forms, from taking the life of another through a physical act, to the more complex forms such as neglect.

We will develop divergent ideas and provocative life models using creativity, data, intuition and research.

We will rapidly prototype concepts and solutions to inform long range planning initiatives, inspire innovation in public safety and create a future our next generation will be proud of. 

Think Don't Squeeze Design Process
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Save the Date

May 13, 2017


Think Don't Squeeze


Tech Playground

Members of the community are invited to view the "Think, Don’t Squeeze"  solution to ending violence in America exhibit on May 13th in Oakland, California inside the #TechPlayground at the Taste of Oakland Fest. The exhibit & workshop will bring together development leaders, public and private sector partners, civil society, diplomats, and entrepreneurs to discuss the progress achieved in solution development the week prior by the community’s approach to development and chart a course forward to continue the progress in years ahead. There will be a series of panel discussions throughout the day that demonstrate Think, Don’t Squeeze’s community design thinking initiatives.

Tech Playground @ Taste of OAkland

11:00am – 6:00p
2960 Peralta Oaks Ct
Oakland, CA 94605